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Kingfisher Law gets you results. Fast. We support you and defend you if you need it, provide clarity on complex problems, and stand by you in hard situations.

We help you grow. We understand the business of farming and the aspects of commercial production.  We understand agricultural economics and the costs of compliance.

Over the years, we’ve helped farmers negotiate agreements, resolve issues connected with the use of water and expansion of farming, and navigate government regulatory challenges.

We pay attention to environmental science and how the climate is changing the way food and fibre is produced in Australia. We have deep knowledge of surface and groundwater, and land regulation.

We understand governance and administrative law, and work with boards and managers across agribusiness value chains, to give legal advice for business needs. We advise on contractual matters, insurance, litigation and environmental regulation.


Our clients come in all sizes and from all places.  We advise and represent companies, co-operatives, farming families, water utilities and enterprises engaged in primary production and irrigated horticulture and agriculture.

We deal with many types of legal problems:  Water recoupment and licensing, contracts, environment and planning, levies and charges, finance and tax, employment, insurance, intellectual property, data, corporate law and governance.

Experienced Agribusiness Legal Advice

The Kingfisher Law team provides more than simply legal answers.  We understand the inherent legal complexities of farming operations and consider each case from a variety of perspectives – commercial, legal and regulatory.  A unique benefit for Kingfisher Law clients is that we understand the relationship between corporate financial management and project implementation in agribusiness enterprises.


Business Structures

Australian agribusiness is conducted under such structures as companies, co-operatives and mutuals, partnership associations, solo farming and share-farming. Kingfisher Law supports clients of all sizes and business structures.

Corporate Governance

The Corporations Act regulates governance of business entities with emphasis on director’s duties, financial reporting and accountability. We advise on the exercise of powers and compliance of directors for decision making.

Policy and Regulation

Food and fibre production in Australia operates within a framework of government regulation. We advise on how to optimise compliance with regulation and act for clients when problems arise.

Commercial Law

At Kingfisher Law, we advise on complex commercial agreements, joint ventures and competition as well as a wide range of corporate and commercial issues.


We advise how best to protect and maintain your business infrastructure.

Dispute Management

We seek solutions through mediation, negotiation and the Courts to achieve outcomes that resolve our client’s most pressing needs and problems.
We can help
secure water and irrigation rights
for your property

Water Rights Lawyers Australia

Without access to water and effective irrigation of farmland, much of Australia’s farming industry would not exist. As the driest inhabited continent on Earth, these matters are of vital importance to all farmers and agribusinesses but rising water prices and government recoupment of water present a challenge.

You can entrust Kingfisher Law to negotiate water entitlements and access, and investigate issues around metering, drainage and waste water.  We can also help obtain approval for important construction work, such as dams and bores.  Our experienced water rights lawyers understand the intricacies of both State and Federal legislation in relation to water rights.

Helping Co-operative Farmers

Whilst large, corporate agribusinesses are vital to feeding an ever-expanding population, co-operatives are a valuable legal entity for business structuring in the agriculture food and fibre supply chain. Co-operatives create opportunities for cost and price reduction through collective bargaining and are often synonymous with ethical and sustainable farming methods, which have growing support from environmentally-aware consumers, keen to know the provenance of everything they buy.

Because the prevailing economic and political system clearly favours the dominant, company model, it can be challenging for co-operatives to survive and prosper. Kingfisher Law can help co-operative farmers to negotiate administrative obstacles like taxation, financing and licensing that could otherwise eat into their valuable time and budget. We can also devise strategies for collective bargaining with larger business entities, to secure a better deal and decrease the cost of essential farm inputs such as irrigation water supply.

Specialist Australian Agribusiness Lawyers

Our team of Agribusiness lawyers boasts an exceptional blend of talent, tenacity and experience. Between them, our senior lawyers – Jeremy Fisher, Elizabeth Ciesiolka and Andrew Kimbell – possess the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex and demanding of legal challenges. We work for clients around Australia – from those in remote areas to those farming on the edge of town.

Kingfisher Law are regularly hired to address farming concerns in relation to water rights and land tenure. Our experienced legal team frequently work at resolving complex and multi-layered disputes in these areas. We have specific expertise in water entitlements, including licensing, trading and regulatory reform.

We also advise on leases, horticultural licences, share farming agreements, management and consultancy, collaboration and co-operatives, and industry-wide issues. When you retain Kingfisher Law, you benefit from our experience and involvement in public policy and regulation in agricultural competitiveness across all Australian jurisdictions, including agricultural water resource management and the development of Northern Australia.

The Importance of Compliance

Australian agricultural land management is subject to a significant degree of regulation from Federal and State legislation making it a minefield for farmers to navigate when making business decisions.

At Kingfisher Law, much of our work revolves around issues of compliance and risk regarding the responsibilities demanded of agribusiness. We take into account many factors in legislation and regulations when preparing advice to ensure our clients are able to make good decisions.

Helping Your Agribusiness to Maximise Opportunities

The Australian agricultural and economic landscapes are in a perpetual state of change, ensuring that exciting new business opportunities are constantly emerging for producers.  Lucrative new international markets for Australian food and fibre, domestic consumers seeking food innovation and high-end produce, and emerging technologies in Australian agriculture are some of the factors influencing farm business decisions.

Kingfisher Law can help you to exploit these valuable business opportunities. We can advise on commercial contracts, business structuring, asset funding, co-operative and mutual formation, administrative and regulatory requirements, operations, management and overcoming regulatory constraints to business development. We have capability in large scale project management, working closely as part of our client’s team from concept to completion.


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