NSW Govt Inquiry into Electricity Prices

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August 15, 2017
Proposed Removal of Limited Merits Review under Energy Laws
August 22, 2017

NSW Govt Inquiry into Electricity Prices

The NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on Electricity Supply, Demand and Price was established on 10 August 2017. It will be chaired by Paul Green and will inquire into, among other things:

(a) the reasons for recent large increases in the price of electricity,
(b) the impact of the deregulation of electricity prices in 2014,
(c) alleged collusion and price gouging by energy retailers,
(d) the effectiveness or impact of any current regulatory standards and guidelines,
(e) options for future government oversight and responsibility in the re-regulation of
electricity prices,
(f) the adequacy of planning to meet future electricity demand, including utilising high efficiency, low emissions coal technology as well as the use of nuclear, gas, solar and wind energies, and energy storage through batteries, pumped hydro and hydrogen, and improved transmission between regions, and
(g) the adequacy of programs to assist low income earners, pensioners and senior card holders to afford electricity as well as the impact of additional fees, such as late payment fees, included in energy bills

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